ESCAPE! project

Earth Science Community Action ProjEct!

In the ESCAPE! lab: Soil Testing & Testing Grass Seed Blends

ESCAPE! In the Lab

Pictures from Senior High Disc Golf Tournament

ESCAPE! Disc Golf Tournament

Part I and II are due Monday September 27th

Part I: Play a full round of Disc Golf at Pioneer Park
  • Picture proof (cell phone, digital camera, etc)
    • or
  • Teacher Signature (if you play in gym class or with Mr. Beals)
Part II: Write down and explain the following observations
  • 3 good things about disc golf at Pioneer Par
  • 3 bad things about disc golf at Pioneer Park

Part III: Understanding the Issues
  • Create a new D2 Document titled: "ESCAPE! Firstname Lastname" (ex: ESCAPE Larry Smith)
  • Open the following page, read it and complete the problems: ESCAPE!
Part IV: Field Trip to Pioneer Park
  • Return "Off Campus Activity ESCAPE" form prior to the date of the field trip: (print a copy at bottom of page)
Part V: Sowing the Seeds
  • View the ESCAPE! Student Sheet below and provide answers on your ESCAPE! D2 sheet.
Part VI: Soil Analysis
  • Test the soil for Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium, and pH levels
  • Run the soil through a sieve column and determine the percentage of each soil particle present
  • View the ESCAPE! Student Sheet for more detailed instruction.
...stay tuned for more...

A special Thank You to all those who have helped us with our ESCAPE! project:
    -KTVQ and First Interstate Bank - $250
    -Air Fairways - for saving Disc Golf
    -Montana Seed and Chemical - Donation of Grass seed

    -Billings Parks and Recreation Department - Allowing us to participate in the Pioneer Park Master Plan
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