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ESCAPE! Student Sheet

Final Report Due

January 7, 2011

Printed copy due @ beginning of class

Guidelines: This will be a complete report of the entire ESCAPE! project.  You will be graded by how well you are able to present your ideas and data.  This report should be good enough that you could include it in an application for college or scholarships. Make your report stand out from the rest!

Grading: 100 pts possible

                ~30 Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar

                ~30 Formatting (Completeness)

                ~40 Content


Earth Science Community Action ProjEct!


Part I: Play Disc Golf, Provide Proof

Don't leave this blank, if you don't have a picture of yourself, find a picture of disc golf to use.

-Insert picture here (if available, go to top of screen and click on the icon for “insert image”)

Part II: Making Observations

Explain how you made the following observations

-3 Good things about having Disc Golf at Pioneer Park

  1. Fill in here
  2. Fill in here
  3. Fill in here

-3 Bad things about having Disc Golf at Pioneer Park

  1. Fill in here
  2. Fill in here
  3. Fill in here

Part III: Researching the Issue

Using the Internet, research the following.  Be sure to copy and paste the url (web address) from each page you get information.  DO NOT COPY/PASTE FROM WEB PAGES.

-What is disc golf (also called Folf)? Provide some history and background?

(answer here)

-Have you played disc golf before? If so, how often?

(answer here)

-The following article is from The Billings Gazette on June 15, 2010 is about the City Council Decision to remove Disc Golf from Pioneer Park.  Read the article and respond to the questions below:

  1. Describe at least 3 issues that people have described as “problems” with having Disc Golf in the park.

(answer here)

2.  What is your opinion on the City Council’s decision?

(answer here)

-The following article is from the Billings Gazette on September 8, 2010 is about the new plan for Disc Golf at Pioneer Park. Read the article and respond to the questions below:

1.  Explain 2 solutions to keeping Disc Golf at Pioneer Park.

(answer here)

2.  If you had to decide what to do next with Disc Golf at Pioneer Park, what would your decision be?

Part IV: Mapping the Park
Explain what you did for this part of the project. You will not be able to include your map unless I am able to get them digitized in time.
  • Mr. Beals has your map on file in the classroom
Part V: Sowing the Seeds

You will be growing specially selected grass types in the lab and will collect data about their growth.  We will compare your classes grass growth with that of the other 4 Honors Earth Science classes to determine which seed type/blend will be the best option for re-planting the steep areas near the creek in Pioneer Park.  Be very accurate and thorough because you will be presenting this information to the people who are in charge of Pioneer Park.
  1. Create a table similar to one below using the "table" button at the top of the page. Select a 4X4 table.
    • List seed types and percentage of each compared to the total
    • The seeds were donated by Montana Seed & Chemical in Billings, MT.  Visit their website, find your seed blend and provide a thorough summary of the benefits each seed type in your blend. DO NOT COPY/PASTE FROM THEIR WEBSITE; summarize in your own words.  When you encounter a word you don't know, underline it, find an answer and include the word and answer(definition) below your table on the D2 doc.
"Blend Name Here"
Variety and Species
 Percentage %
 State of Origin
Description of seed type

    2. Create an accurate drawing of your seeds.
  • Place a few seeds under the dissection microscope.
  • Pluck a hair from your head, or your lab partners head to use as a comparison
  • Position two seeds and the strand of hair under the viewing lens.
  • Using a half sheet of blank paper, draw an accurate picture of the seeds and the hair as viewed through the microscope.
    • Use colored pencils to make an accurate representation of your seeds.
    • Mr. Beals will give you instructions about how you will transfer your drawing to D2.
    3. Experiment Report
    • Copy/Paste the "Experiment report below into your D2 Document", fill in the blanks.
Honors Earth Science Experiment Report

ESCAPE! Sowing the Seeds


Prediction/ Hypothesis:

      • _______________________  
      • _______________________  
      • _______________________  
      • _______________________  
      • _______________________  
      • _______________________                 
      • _______________________  
      • _______________________  
      • _______________________  
      • _______________________  
      • _______________________  
      • _______________________  

-Variable being tested:

-Independent Variable:

-Dependent Variable:


Experiment Procedure:

Step-by-step, detailed instructions

List all items that data will be collected on (root length, grass height, percent germination, etc)

Experiment Results:

-Explain your data and results from the data.

-Show your data in charts/tables and graphs.

    (All data tables from your "Data Book" should be included in this section; you will staple your                 "Data Book" to the back of this report once it is printed)

    (minimum of 1 graph included, more would be better)

-Use pictures, drawings or diagrams when necessary.

        Based on what you have seen during this experiment, explain if you would or would not recommend your grass type/blend for use in Pioneer Park. Provide evidence from you data/observations.


Summary of the report. Single paragraph that sums up all of your findings.

Part VI: Soil Analysis
Explain what you did for this lab.  Include data tables.
  • List your findings for the Soil Analysis portion in your own data table
  • List your findings for the Soil Composition portion in your own data table

Part VII: Reflection
In this section you will give a summary of the entire ESCAPE PROJECT, from start to finish in paragraph form (not just the grass growth data).  Pretend you are standing in front of the director of Billings Parks and Recreation and explaining what the ESCAPE! project is.  Keep your ideas and time lines organized.

Part VIII: Discussion
Disk golf is remaining in Pioneer Park but with a few changes.  Some of those changes are yet to be determined.  Based on what you have studied, explain to the director of Billings Parks and Recreation what should be done (your recommendations) to make Disc Golf better in the park.

Part IX: Conclusion
Pretend this is the only things the reader might look at.
Write a conclusion for your report in paragraphs. What have you learned?  What did you like/dislike?  What could you have done to make the project better?  Do you think that you can affect the community through projects like this? Etc.

Final report due January 7, 2011

The report must be printed and handed in @ beginning of class.

Grading: 100 pts possible

                ~30 Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar

                ~30 Formatting

                ~40 Content