Mr. Beals Chemistry classes were awarded a $9,000 grant from the Murdock Trust to study radon in the Yellowstone Valley. Through this grant we were able to purchase 3 in-home radon detectors, one RAD7 professional detector and a weather station that is now mounted on the roof of Senior High.

We were awarded this grant because there is very little data on the following topics and you (students) will be conducting authentic scientific research by collecting data to help solve these questions:

  • What is the distribution and concentration of naturally occurring radioactive radon in the Yellowstone Valley?

  • How do radon gas levels fluctuate with weather? (There is data to suggest that radon concentration changes due to barometric pressure, humidity, and/or wind direction - but there is no data for this in our region).

Radon at Home
Complete all of the following when it is your time to check out the Radon Monitoring Device-

1. Project information and outline. Includes instruction sheet for taking home the Radon Detector (read for introduction to the project): 

2. Student Data Sheet to be filled out at the end of 48 hours of testing: 

3. Digital Form to be filled out when Radon Detector and paperwork are returned: 

Radon Mapping Project
  1. Create a map of Radon Distribution in the Yellowstone Valley at Billings, MT

Radon Distribution and Data Analysis
  1. Analysis of the Map and Data

Radon Data and Weather

  1. MORE INFO SOON...   

2018/2019 Radon Distribution Map created by students with student data