What is the point of this project? Great question.  I don't think that most of us, including myself, fully understand how much we are affected by chemistry in everything we do from the organic processes that allow our bodies to function , to the complex chemistry involved in making the rubber soles of our shoes.  We are surrounded by the benefits and atrocities of chemistry, from the miracle of birth to weapons of mass destruction, there is no escaping its grasp.  So, by having you explore something that you are interested in I hope that you will be able to see how important, complex, and wonderful chemistry can be!

What is this thing "The Chemistry of ...":  

All you have to do is think of your favorite thing in the whole world (or something you are very interested in) and put it in for the ... There is (almost) nothing that is off limits so feel free to let you imagination wander (ex. The Chemistry of Running, The Chemistry of Saliva, The Chemistry of Hair Dye, The Chemistry of 'Little Tree" Air Fresheners).  Throughout the year you will add information to your The Chemistry of ... document as you learn more about general chemistry. In the end, you will present your final report and will make a video for the whole world to learn about your ... For a good example of what our final webpage and your final ... project will look like, visit and check out a few of the videos; Soon, that will be you on the other side of the screen, teaching us all about The Chemistry of (your) ... !!!!

Step 1:
  • Brainstorm possible ...'s. You will need to choose one today, but if you decide to change it later on you may do so, BUT you will have to go back and "fix" any sections you have completed so they match your new ...
  • Create a new D2 Document by signing into your D2 account. Go to, click on "students" then "D2 student apps", then "documents". Unless you have changed it, your login is: firstname.lastname and your password is your student ID #.
  • Title the Document, "The Chemistry of ..." but fill in the ... portion with your theme.
Step 2:
**Warning! This document will become part of a website that will be available to everyone on the internet so be sure you are accurate, be sure to write clearly, and make yourself the 'leading expert' in the world in all things that relate to your ...**
-Include the following sections on your D2 Document.
-We will add more sections to the document as the year progresses.

-Step 3: (Mon, Tues, Wed 10/17 - 10/19)
  • Research the composition of your ... In other words, find out what your ... is made of; if it is a food then look up and save a picture of its food label; if it is a 'product' look for the product label and save a picture of what it is composed of; if it is a physical process look for the chemicals involved in the process.
  • Create a section in your report titled "The Composition of ... (fill in your ...)" SEE BELOW
    • List all of the components of your ... (everything it is made of [ex. sucrose, lactose, polyvinyl-chloride, etc]) 
    • If you chose a ... that has multiple parts then you might need to make separate sections for each part (example: The Chemistry of Skateboards: make headings under "The Composition of Skateboards" for each of the 'parts' of the skateboard: Board; Trucks; Wheels; etc? Under each heading include the composition of each 'part').
  • **All of your sources MUST BE INCLUDED in your "Resources" section*** 
    • Anything NOT cited it considered PLAGIARISM! 
  • When completed
    • Continue with Background research
      • How is it made? Where is it made? How does it work? Etc.


Include the following in this section:
  • Explain your ... 
  • Explain why you chose your ...
  • How is your life affected by your ...
  • Picture of you and your ... (this doesn't need to be done today, but you will need a picture in about 2 weeks, so plan ahead!)
Composition of ...
See step 3 above for instructions

Background Research
In this section you will research the 'science' involved in or relating to your ...
Start researching today, but be sure to read "Resources" below before you start.

Include ALL resources you use throughout this project (and I mean ALL of them).  So, if you are researching what the molecular composition of "Little Tree Air Fresheners" and you find some information that may be useful to your project, copy the url and paste it into this section; also write a brief description of the source and what information was useful on the page. For example: