ESCAPE Descriptive writing proposal

Collaborative Writing Assignment

Honor English & Honors Earth Science


Students will write a 3 paragraph description of the rims around Billings, Montana.


1.       Paragraph 1 – Scientific description of the rock formations that make up the rims.

a.       Include list of rock formations from oldest to youngest.

b.      Description of the minerals contained in the rocks and their textures.

c.       Explanation of the processes that caused the rocks to form as related to the growing Rocky Mountains and the Cretaceous Seaway at the time.

2.       Paragraph 2 – Description of what the aquatic and terrestrial life was like in our region when the rims were forming.

a.       Describe the time period in which the events occurred.

b.      Describe the aquatic life of the Cretaceous Seaway overall.

                                                               i.      Types of fossils found in the rock formations of the Rims.

c.       Describe the life on land at the time the rocks were forming.

d.      Use information from chapters 21 & 24, as well as other sources.

3.       Paragraph 3 – Description of how weathering, erosion and mass wasting cause risk to the homes below the rims.

a.       Describe the processes of weathering and erosion as they relate to the Rims.

b.      Describe the process of mass wasting as it relates to the rims.

c.       Describe history of mass wasting and the damage it has caused for homeowners in Billings.

d.      Use information from chapters 7 & 8, as well as other sources.


The paragraphs will be graded for scientific content by Mr. Beals and Mr. McMullen and for RSVP structure and 6-trait writing (as well as other writing concepts being taught in Honors English) and Ms. Peers.