ESCAPE 2012 Final Report Template

Guidelines: This will be a complete report of the entire ESCAPE! project.  You will be graded by how well you are able to present your ideas and data.  This report should be good enough that you could include it in an application for college or scholarships. Make your report stand out from the rest!

Grading: 100 pts possible

                ~30 Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar

                ~30 Formatting (Completeness)

                ~40 Content


Cover Page
  • Include ESCAPE title
  • Include Project title "Is That Some High Quality H2O?"
  • Include a piece of artwork or a picture of our project (must be something you create or that you get from Mr. Beals website or twitter)
  • Include Class Period
  • Include Year

Final Report
Introduction - This is an introduction to your project; a description of what it is. Remember, people who are not part of our class will be reading this, so the introduction should help them understand what the whole project is about.

Goals - (See activity 9). If you only used bullets for activity 9, fix the format of activity 9 into more of a paragraph/conversation.

Scientific Basis - (See activity 10). Include your chart from activity 10. Make sure spelling/grammar/ etc is correct in your table. You may include other information you put with activity 10 if you have any.

Map of Study Area - (See activity 11). Include a Google map of our study area. Be sure to include MAP PINS of the location for our study areas (if you are unable to add pins in Google Maps, you will need to draw them in on your report). Each "Pin" should be appropriately Labeled

Description of Testing Sites - (See activity 13)

Data - (Activity 14 and 15) Include a graph with the description (activity 15) directly below the graph. Be sure the graphs have a title that explains what the data is.

Conclusion - (See activity 17)

Background Research/Resources - (See activity 8)

Attachments (stapled to final report):
  • Data Book
  • You may attach anything else you think is important for your report.