Useful technology for the classroom:

Social networking:

Online survey/polls:
Google forms

Multimedia Creation: 

Video editing:


Learning online:

Word Cloud:

Quest 8/5/11

Screen recording:
PC: Camtasia

Mac: Screenflow

Samson Go Mic

Writing on the Screen:

Visual Effects:
Adobe After Effects

Website creation:

Inbox management:

Answers to questions:

Edit pdf:

Create speaking avatar:

Lessons Education could learn from the gaming industry:

Note taker for the cloud: 

mission statement:
Create opportunity for my students
Create an environment where students explore their curiosities

Flashcard maker:

Graphics Tables for writing:
Wacom (brand)

Screen recording online free:


-A folder to save files to, any device or computer you place dropbox on will have immediate access to the files in that folder!

-Take notes in class but want to access them at home? Want to record something to attach to your notes? Want to take a picture of the white board to remember later?  Do it all in Evernote and your 'note' will appear on any device or computer you have downloaded it on!

-Ever wonder what the name of the song on the radio is? Just press the Soundhound app, it will listen and give you all the information you ever wanted about the song (Shazam is another app like this)

Mobile Mouse (paid and 'lite' versions)
-Turn you mobile device into a mouse for your computer.

-Ever wonder what type of tree that is outside your office window? Take  picture of the leaf with you device and it will tell you about the tree!

Penultimate (paid)
Turn your phone or tablet into a piece of paper with handwriting recognition (I know what you are thinking, "why not just use a piece of paper?"....good question ;)

TeamViewer HD
-Access and operate any of your computers from any device you own.  Want to work from home one day? You can still operate your work computer from your porch swing!

-Interactive whiteboard for your iPad and computer

Paper by 53
-Artsy drawing program

-PowerPoint Viewer

-Draw stickman with story!

-Video editing on the iPad

Stack the States
-State facts/history with a game.

Conservation apps

Project Noah




Project BudBurst

National Parks field guides

Wild Obs